4 Reasons Why People With Migraines End Friendships

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4 Reasons Why People With Migraines End Friendships

Migraines Can Sometimes Put A Strain On Relationships


Nobody likes to lose a friend, but migraines can sometimes make relationships difficult to maintain.  Following are four common reasons why people with migraines end relationships: 


1) Friend Unwilling To Understand How Bad It Is

Friends who’ve never had a migraine may not understand that it can be so much more than “just another headache.” They may try to downplay the severity. If this happens often enough, the migraine sufferer may lose faith in their friend’s willingness to understand their struggle and seek to end the relationship.


2) Too Ashamed To Continue

Some friends are so understanding they may go too far to help a person with migraines. This can put a strain on the relationship when the migraine sufferer feels they need too much attention and sacrifice from their friend. If this continues for too long, the migraine sufferer may become ashamed of their condition and move to end the friendship.


3) Just Too Sick

Good relationships can require extra effort from both people. If a person has frequent migraines, they might be sick too often to keep up their end of the friendship.


4) Fear Of Rejection

When dating, the migraine sufferer may fear they will be rejected if their friend finds out about their condition. This fear of rejection may cause the migraine sufferer to end the relationship before the friend finds out.