5 Things Not To Say To A Migraine Sufferer

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5 Things Not To Say To A Migraine Sufferer

More Understanding For Those With Migraines


Those who suffer with migraines are looking for understanding from friends, family and co-workers.  What follows are 5 things you may not want to say to a person suffering with a migraine:


1) It’s Just A Headache, Right?

No it’s not “just a headache.” The pain, sickness and debilitation involved amounts to so much more than a “challenge” or an “issue.”


2) You Can Work Through It.

Sometimes, with a heroic effort I can, but not always. There are things a person can work through but a bad migraine is rarely one of those things.


3) At Least It Won’t Kill You.

Sometimes it feels like it can kill me. But saying this to me is little consolation. It doesn’t help to minimize my struggle.


4) Get A Hobby - It Will Take Your Mind Off It.

Just because I'm working on a hobby that I normally enjoy doesn’t make my migraine any easier to manage. The pain and sickness are still there.


5) You Don’t Look Sick.

Thanks for saying that and trying to help.  However, please don’t tell me that if I don’t look sick then it can’t be that bad. It is that bad.