How Chronic Migraines Are Different

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How Chronic Migraines Are Different

Chronic Migraines May Require A Different Approach


Chronic migraines may be diagnosed when a person has 15 or more days with migraine in a given month. Episodic migraines, which are a more common form of migraine, occur less frequently than 14 days per month, and have lower pain intensity.

Sometimes a person will have episodic migraines for years that increase in frequency until they become diagnosed as chronic migraines.

Unfortunately, chronic migraines can lead to difficulties at work and home.  At the Montefiore Headache Center in New York, a research team headed by Dr. Dawn Buse reported that people with chronic migraines are prone to higher rates of unemployment, disability and work absenteeism.

Another factor to look out for is “Medication Overuse Headaches” or “MOH.” If you take migraine medication too often, it is possible to develop MOH, which may increase the frequency of monthly headaches.