Unlock The Power Of Magnesium

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Oral Magnesium Doesn't Absorb Well

When oral magnesium passes through our digestive tract, it barely absorbs into the body. It also causes discomfort such as (ahem) diarrhea, if you try to take meaningful dosage levels.

Derma Mag Solves The Absorption Problem

Derma Mag is a daily skin lotion that contains a unique form of magnesium that absorbs right through the skin, resulting in optimal magnesium uptake. The difference in how you feel is like NIGHT AND DAY.

Just Swap Your Current Body Moisturizers For Derma Mag

Derma Mag couldn't be easier to use and has moisturizers built right in. Simply replace your daily application of body moisturizing creams with Derma Mag - now your on your way to something amazing.

What Customers Are Saying

"Derma Mag did what no doctor and no amount of magnesium supplementation could do!"

-Leann of Leesburg, Virginia

"I am a living witness that Derma Mag does work."

-Wesley of Lumberton, New Jersey

"I am truly amazed at the results. Thanks so much for developing this product."

-Brenda of Windham, Connecticut

"I was amazed. It really does work. Thanks for this great product."

-Linda of Watertown, Tennessee

"If I had to choose one daily health routine, it would be Derma Mag applications."

-Marie of Pell City, Alabama

"Derma Mag is absolutely the closest thing to a miracle cure that I have ever tried."

-Felicia of Rancho Santa Margarita, California

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