Derma Mag Testimonials


(1) “I’m a different person after using Derma Mag. I have told everyone at our doctor's clinic what a wonderful product this is and the changes I have seen in my body. This product works! I have tried everything from prescribed medications, passive exercise, over the counters. Nothing has helped me like Derma Mag."
-Pat of Arlington, Texas, Registered Nurse

(2) "It never occurred to me that magnesium was such a vital mineral for our overall well being. After reading a wonderful book called "The Magnesium Miracle," I discovered that the best way to absorb magnesium is through the skin by using Derma Mag. I definitely recommend Derma Mag to everyone. I have my whole family using it and cannot stress enough how much change we are experiencing."
-Catalina of San Antonio, Texas

(3) “Derma Mag did what no doctor and no amount of magnesium supplementation could do!”
-Leann of Leesburg, Virginia

(4) “My doctor recommended taking magnesium, and said that the Derma Mag would absorb better than pills.”
-Sarah of Canby, Oregon

(5) “I am completely sold on your Derma Mag. I have never been a salesman but I could sell your product without a second thought because I am a believer. I truly believe this is a product that will dramatically improve lives. Thank you again and again!"
-Paul of Temple Hills, Maryland

(6) “Overall, I can say that my experience with Derma Mag has been very positive so far. I researched quite a few brands before choosing this one. I was impressed with the quality of your product and was not willing to take the chance of using something that was not pure just to save some money. Thank you for providing a superior product!”
-Karen of Glenville, Pennsylvania

(7) “I have heard about the benefits of magnesium supplements and had tried oral magnesium but found that I cannot take it daily due to stomach upset. So I did some research on the internet hoping to find other alternatives. Was I ever glad to find the Derma Mag product. I started using Derma Mag and was amazed by the results.”
-Jade of Ontario, Canada

(8) “I have used other products but the Derma Mag allows for easier absorption without digestive issues.”
-Mary of Madison, Alabama

(9) “I became interested in Derma Mag after reading various articles indicating that the body absorbs magnesium better through the skin. I then started searching for a magnesium supplement absorbed through the skin. After reading so many positive testimonials, I figured, what have I got to lose? I am back using my treadmill and feel better than I have felt in years. Thank you Derma Mag."
-Patty of Laguna Niguel, California

(10) “I am a living witness that Derma Mag does work.”
-Wesley of Lumberton, New Jersey

(11) “Derma Mag is absolutely the closest thing to a miracle cure that I have ever tried. I recommend it to all.”
-Felicia of Rancho Santa Margarita, California

(12) “I purchased Derma Mag back in November and am thrilled! Boy does it work! I am definitely a lifetime customer."
-Diane of Newtown, Pennsylvania

(13) “When I came upon Derma Mag I was truly excited...I did not have to swallow another pill! I ordered my first bottle and could not be happier with the results.”
-Sherry of Ft. Walton Beach, Florida

(14) “I can't thank you enough for this product. Thank you so much for being a company that helps put us back to what is natural for us and is proven to work."
-Nancy of Chicago, Illinois

(15) “I recently started using Derma Mag in order to avoid the unpleasant side effect of supplementing with oral magnesium. My previous supplement contained equal parts of chelated magnesium and chelated calcium. I have replaced that with Derma Mag and an oral calcium supplement. In the first several weeks of use, the Derma Mag has not caused me any unpleasant side-effects."
-Ray of Frisco, Texas

(16) “All these years of dangerous drugs being put into my body and a single mineral substance like Derma Mag comes along and I found a miracle. No doctor wants to even hear about this. This product has given me back hope. It has saved me from a life in a wheel chair or nursing home. I don’t think people really know how important these magnesium salts are for your health. Derma Mag has saved my life."
-Nancy of Surprize, Arizona

(17) “This product has been very beneficial in helping me to feel and function much better. I plan on continuing with this great product."
-Joanne of Cherry Hill, New Jersey

(18) “I apply the Derma Mag before leaving the house and now I'm able to do more things when I go on errands. I have recommended it to others with the assurance that it will help them too. It is well worth the price of one bottle to try it out yourself.”
-Linda of Austin, Texas

(19) “I would like to take this opportunity to thank the people who are responsible for this wonderful product. We needed you more than you will probably ever know."
-Carolyn of Ft. Worth, Texas

(20) “I was very intrigued by what I read about Derma Mag especially since I had tried taking magnesium supplements for several years with no noticeable results. So, eagerly, yet hesitantly, I ordered one bottle of the Derma Mag thinking: if it doesn't work at least I can send it back. Well let me say I did not send it back! I cannot say enough good things about Derma Mag.”
-Janet of Mt. Carmel, Tennessee

(21) “Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Derma Mag for giving me a normal life and happiness again.”
-Tina of Wilmington, Ohio

(22) “In late August, we both started a program of Derma Mag magnesium sprayed directly to the skin and the results have been no less than miraculous. Since understanding the vast role that magnesium plays in the body and the importance of maintaining adequate levels of intracellular magnesium, we are continuing indefinitely with daily applications of Derma Mag. We would both like to thank you for producing such a fine product, that we are learning is so vitally important for human health.”
-Bob of Trenton, Michigan

(23) “Thank you for this amazing product!"
-Katherine of Meridian, Indiana

(24) “I've been spraying it on my legs and shoulders for about 3 weeks now. It seems too good to be true, and I was afraid I was giving Derma Mag more credit than it was due in such a short time. But I'm not imagining the great difference it has made already."
-Lucile of Knoxville, Illinois

(25) “I am so thankful for your product and the best thing is that it has zero side effects."
-Jackie of Columbus, Ohio

(26) “I would recommend this product to my friends - that's how good it works.”
-Wendy of Empsom, New Hampshire

(27) “DermaMag has truly changed my daily existence and given me a brighter future and happier life! Thank you!"
-Julie of Cincinnati, Ohio

(28) “I am truly amazed at the results. Thanks so much for developing this product."
-Brenda of Windham, Connecticut

(29) "I love Derma Mag and have been recommending it to everyone I know! I've been using Derma Mag for about eight months now and really enjoy the product and the fact that it's a spray and not pills."
-Sue of Chicago, Illinois

(30) “I incorporated Derma Mag into my healing regimen several months ago. Thanks for a great product.”
-Deb of Jefferson, ME

(31) “Thank you for making such a wonderful product!"
-Jo of Scott Depot, West Virginia

(32) “I want to thank you for such a superior product. I'm only sorry I didn't hear of it sooner! I feel like I have my life back. Thank you so much."
-Lisa of Conway, Arkansas

(33) “I am so happy to have Derma Mag. It is so much better than drinking powder or swallowing a pill. I feel my battle is won! Thanks for your product and valuable, life-saving information."
-Deborah of San Luis Obispo, California

(34) “I was amazed. It really does work. Thanks for this great product."
-Linda of Watertown, Tennessee

(35) “I'm a naturopathic physician in Tokyo, Japan. Dr. Jonathan Wright is my close friend and a very famous naturopathic doctor and advised that I should try using Derma Mag. I’m glad I did. Now I introduce Derma Mag to my patients."
-Dr. Akio Sato,Ph.D.,CCN.,HHP, of Tokyo, Japan

(36) “Derma Mag is an integral part of my daily routine and has helped to improve my life in many ways.”
-Frank of Chicago, Illinois

(37) "Derma Mag has changed so many areas of my life. I simply love the fact that I can just rub it on my skin. Derma Mag is a win-win for me. I sing Derma Mag praises to all who will listen. Thank you for making this product, so many people need to know more about the great benefits of Derma Mag.”
-Meridith of Emeryville, California

(38) “I would recommend this product to everyone!"
-Liz of Chino Hills, California

(39) “Little did I know that when I ordered the Derma Mag that it would be so beneficial. I have recommended this product to several of my friends because of its healthy benefits."
-Mary of New Carlisle, Ohio

(40) “I have been using Derma Mag for about a month now. I have been feeling so much better now. So many people are skeptics and I was one of them. I thought it was worth a try and it has certainly added quality to my life. I am having a lot more 'good days' than I have had in years."
-Judith of Richmond, Virginia

(41) “My wife and I love your product! I feel better than I have in years. For me, nothing works better than Derma Mag."
-Mike of San Anselmo, CA

(42) “I have not missed a day of Derma Mag. I feel good when I use it and have no desire to feel like I did before using it.”
-Bonnie of Dalton Gardens, Idaho

(43) “It is truly amazing! I think all of us are lacking in some way of the minerals that we should be getting in our diets. I will have to say that your product gave me back my quality of life. Thank you ever so much for educating and telling us what doctors seem to ignore - that sometimes non-traditional treatments like your product actually work! It definitely did for me."
-Steff of Chattanooga, Tennessee

(44) “I can honestly say this is the solution I've been waiting for. You don't realize how tense and wound up you are until you experience true relaxation. I never thought I could before Derma Mag."
-Marguerite of Fairborn, Ohio

(45) “My support for Derma Mag would fall under energy. I'm a writer and I need to be able to sit at the keyboard for 3 to 4 hours every day. Derma Mag helps me to do that. I am able to keep my focus for 4 hours or more without throwing in the towel."
-Tom of Dauphin Island, Alabama

(46) “My husband and I have been using the Derma Mag product for almost four months. We are both very impressed with this product and would readily recommend it to anyone.”
-Annette of Oneonta, New York

(47) “After 14 years, I have just experienced an almost immediate increase in energy and clarity of mind upon using Derma Mag. In the past four weeks, I have begun using the stairs again, cooking for myself and I planned and hosted a dinner party for six. What a pleasure it was for me to entertain again in my home. It has been years since I have had a party, and I even made it to work the next day - truly a miracle for me. I am looking forward to having a life again as this improvement has been consistent. I have a lot of catching up to do. Thank you for your product."
-Shelley of Keizer, Oregon

(48) “Derma Mag has finally come to my rescue. The application is simple and the results are great. If I had to choose one daily health routine, it would be Derma Mag applications."
-Marie of Pell City, Alabama

(49) "I've been using Derma Mag for 3 1/2 months now. The changes have been gradual and subtle. I'm now realizing that not only is my skin on my arms and legs smoother, but certain symptoms have disappeared. I haven't changed anything else diet or supplements-wise, so I'm thinking it must be the Derma Mag that has brought about these changes!"
-Ruth of Honolulu, Hawaii

(50) “I know I will be a permanent customer because Derma Mag does what it advertises --just follow the instructions. These days, it is difficult to trust that you are going to get your money's worth when ordering a product. Derma Mag is helping my body to actually heal itself and is worth every dollar I spend."
-Darlynn of Parkton, Maryland

(51) “After reading about the importance of magnesium to my health, I changed my diet to include foods containing magnesium and magnesium supplements. My digestive system, however, could not handle the necessary dosages of magnesium. So I ordered Derma Mag and apply it every day.”
-Mitch of Tallahassee, Florida

(52) "I have been using Derma Mag for a month now. I love the magnesium and have already experienced a great deal of success, so I will continue to use it and refer others likewise."
-Starlett of Atlanta, Georgia

(53) “THANK YOU ...for giving me this chance to let you know how well Derma Mag is helping me. I am 85 years old. After using Derma Mag I have finally found relief and am able to enjoy life again.”
-Donald of Grandview, Washington

(54) "I am a very healthy and active 50 year old woman and have always taken great care of myself, exercising, eating healthy, taking daily vitamins, etc. I'll keep spreading the word and will definitely keep using this product on a daily basis as part of my healthy lifestyle for LIFE! Thank you so much!"
-Angi of Baton Rouge, Louisiana

(55) “I have been using the Derma Mag for several weeks now and have found it to help with so many things. I decided to try using it on my face and have found it is reducing my wrinkles and making my skin so smooth - I cannot believe this either but it is true. I do put face cream on a few hours after I apply it and then wash it all off in the morning. My skin feels so soft, I love it."
-Maureen of Baltimore, Maryland

(56) “I am so grateful to have stumbled upon your excellent product! I had been suffering from magnesium deficiency for many years; my intense exercise regime only made things worse, especially in this humid climate. I read in some literature by a renowned naturopathic doctor that she likes to boost her magnesium levels with Derma Mag. Eureka! A web-search led me directly to your site. I use Derma Mag and massage it into my skin with some Vitamin E cream. This works!!"
-Anthony of Taipei, Taiwan

(57) “Derma Mag certainly helped with my magnesium deficiency. I use Derma Mag each night before my bath and it has helped very much."
-Cary of Lubbock, Texas

(58) “I can't thank you enough for this product. Thank you so much for being a company that helps put us back to what is natural for us and is proven to work."
-Nancy of Chicago, Illinois

(59) “Now all we need is Derma Mag! We look forward to more benefits as we continue to use your wonderful product."
-Kim of Seattle, Washington

(60) “The immediate effects from applying your product was amazing! I put it on in the morning and it lasts all day.”
-Bob of Poway, California

(61) “Thanks for making this great product available!”
-Milton of Hoover, Alabama

(62) “Thank you so much for putting out such a great quality product that has improved my life so much."
-Eileen of Paoli, Pennsylvania

(63) “I have suffered for many months with low energy, often not getting up until 10 AM. The day following my first application of Derma Mag, I woke up early with energy, got up and had good energy all day. My energy has remained high.”
-Mary of Stillwater, Minnesota

(64) “Overall, I am very pleased with the results I have achieved with Derma Mag."
-Ralph of Columbus, New Jersey

(65) “I am thrilled at the results I have obtained from using Derma Mag. I would recommend Derma Mag to everyone as it is so easy to use."
-Irene of La Habra Heights, California

(66) “This is a safe way to have magnesium absorbed directly into the body without going through the digestive system.”
-Arlene of Woodside, California

(67) “I am very happy with Derma Mag as it has helped me immensely. As I continued to research and even read a book about magnesium (I highly recommend "The Miracle of Magnesium" by Dr. Carolyn Dean), I learned about Derma Mag and how easily this form of magnesium is absorbed. After taking it for only a week, my symptoms had improved. After 3-4 weeks my symptoms were totally gone!!! Knowing first hand how important magnesium is, I will continue to use Derma Mag even though I no longer have symptoms."
-Christine of Wilton, Connecticut

(68) “I am writing to let everyone know that this product has truly changed my life. I hope that it makes as much of a difference in your lives as it has in mine."
-Karla of Youngstown, Ohio

(69) “My advice to anyone is to give Derma Mag a try and feel the difference. “
-John of Chicago, Illinois

(70) “This was it, the missing link that is going to help me live my life again! I have been using Derma Mag for about 2 weeks now and already feel so much better. Thank you Derma Mag. I’m a customer for life. It is a miracle!"
-Adnan of Des Moines, Iowa

(71) “I really believe that Derma Mag has helped me a lot. Thank you for such a great product!”
-Bonnie of Lewisville, Texas

(72) “When my acupuncturist suggested that I try your product I immediately ordered a bottle. What a great product."
-Sonya of Scarsdale, New York

(73) “How has Derma Mag helped me? Where do I begin? I hate to call this magnesium a miracle cure, but it sure does work! Thanks Derma Mag for bringing such a fine product to market.”
-John of San Mateo, California

(74) “I came to believe that the cause of most of my health problems is a magnesium deficiency. I ordered Derma Mag and felt better after using it on the first day. I am very happy to report that I am feeling better and better each day since using Derma Mag. Thank you for such a great product.”
-Ambie of Vero Beach, Florida

(75) “I have only been on the product a couple of weeks, but expect to see even more benefits in the future. I have had no bad reactions and am working my way upwards in dosage.”
-Chris of Columbus, Ohio

(76) “Thank you for helping make this wonderful and greatly needed product available to people!"
-Eileen of Malvern, Pennsylvania

(77) “I am so happy to have found this product and plan to always keep it on hand for any future needs."
-Lisa of Ocala, Florida